Friday, September 23, 2011

Matching outfits!!

Yes... I've become that embaressing mom who makes their kids wear matching outfits!
I can't help it!! I think it's to cute! Now later on in life when they look back on this they might have other opinions but as for the moment I'm gonna enjoy this!! :)  I made theses outfits for them, because I was just bored and wanted to sew!! lol! I had alot of this thick flanel black and white fabric and thought it would make cute outfits! I originally was just gonna do a boys pants and vest, but then I threw in a simple circle skirt and headband and bow tie! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!


  1. Ha ha, have fun with it! You're the mom, you are suppose to embarass your kids. I can't wait to see three in matching, they are too cute! We had four in our family, and my mom always says we were the best dressed kids around! Keep being proud of what you do, you have a talent!

  2. My mom used to ALWAYS dress me and my sisters in matching clothes. For holidays we all had matching dresses that were made by her. Now I look back and go.... Ugh, why mom?! Lol :) But, I am sure at the time, people thought it was adorable. :) Keep it up! You're the mom, they don't get to dress themselves yet! haha.