Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pieces of my Craft fair collection!

So I've been working on some hair pieces lately for the craft fair I'm doing this summer!
I'm so excited but still have so much work ahead of me!
 My goal is to have 100 hair pieces
10 pettiskirts
20 tutus
10 little girl formal dresses
20 Summer dresses
and 10 infant outfits with matching shoes
I'm only 1/4 way there.. so these next couple months will be crazy!

But I wanted to show some hair pieces I've accumulated!

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Pettiskirt...

Well I started off on this endeavor thinking that it was going to be so much Fun to finally make one of these and then I finally made one and let me tell ya.. I completely have No Patience.. Ha Ha! But even though it wasn't as fun as I thought it would be, it definitely was worth it in the end! They are so adorable and really not that difficult to sew.. it's just the cutting and measuring and piecing together that takes the longest!
So with out further delay here is the tutorial on how to make a full pettiskirt!

First You want to make sure you are using the right material.
I used NYLON Chiffon (Not Polyester)
because Nylon Chiffon doesn't fray so there is no need to interlock your edges!
Then for the top I used Satin
Then of course some 3/4 in Elastic
and a satin ribbon

So yeah and I guess (I found this out after I all ready made my skirt) you can buy Nylon Chiffon precut in rolls, so that you don't have to cut it all out.
That would save a ton of time but if you're like me and missed that memo
then you'll have to cut it out!

The Skirt is made up of 3 tiers (Like a cake!)
 You'll need to cut out your top two layers (the Pink Layers in my skirt)
And you'll need to cut out everything in 2s!!
Your actually making two skirts that will be layered on top of each other..

Here are the Dimensions

I ended up having to sew alot of ends together..
but dont' worry sewing the bottom ruffle (blue layer)
together I'll show you a faster way with that layer later on

Now we're on to the ruffling of the Bottom Ruffle
Basically: Set your machine to the longest stitch and then tighten the tension so that the fabric will ruffle as you go!

Now when you get to an end of the one of the ruffle pieces just lay the next section on top of the piece you're all ready sewing like this

Keep going until you have a the whole 30 yards ruffled..
Then start on the 2nd Bottom Ruffle (and repeat the process)

Next you want to take the Middle Layer and attach 1 of the 30 yard ruffle piece to the the edge.. just use a basic stitch all the way down the center of the the blue Ruffle
(Make sure that your sewing on the right side of the Middle (pink) layer

Then take the top edge of that middle layer and make a gathering stitch

Then attach it the Top Layer:
Make sure right sides are together
and then do another gathering stitch along the top of that layer

(Repeat processes for the skirt)

Next Cut out a piece of Satin..
My daughter is in a 3T
so I cut out a piece of Satin that was 8 inches wide by 40 inches long

Next cut out two strips of Fusible Interfacing
 1/2 inch wide by 40 in long

Iron it on the wrong side of the Satin

Next fold in half with right sides touching and sew along the edge but make sure to leave a 1 inch space about 4 inches down.. (I forgot and had to go back in fix it)

Then fold it in half the long way with the seam in the front middle

Then Sew and Stitch for your elastic casing all the way around about 1 inch down

Next take your skirt and gather it up enough to match the 40 inches on the Satin piece

Then take the bottom layer and stitch it to the bottom layer of the Satin
like so
I then also serged it to add extra strength

Then do the same for the Top Layer

If you open up the Satin piece it should look like this

Take your elastic (Measure your daughters waist and then minus 4 in to get the right Elastic measurement)
and sew 15in ribbon pieces to each end

then using a Safety pin as a guide thread the ribbon and elastic through the casing

Then Phew... YOU"RE DONE!!
Isn't it worth it!! :)

My daughter loved hers so much!

(Check out my TUTORIAL on how to do your own iron on Appliques like you see on my daughter's shirt here!)