Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DIY Ballet Wear!!

So This is kind of a longer blog cause I'm just going to combine a variety of different projects I've worked on for my daughter and her ballet class!!

I have a couple tutorials and lots of pictures!!

Well I'll start with my most recent ones! I woke up today and it was 43 Degrees outside!! And it's not suppose to get warmer than 50 degrees so knowing that my daughter has ballet tonight I thought it would be cute and functional to make so leg warmers for her!!
I've had this faux fabric for a while and didn't know what to do with it until today!!

First I grabbed my daughter and measured all the way around her calf and then I measured how long I wanted it to be!
Then I cut out two pieces

Then I grabbed remnant of an old sweater I had cut up and cut off the bottom sleeves

I opened up the sleeves and then layed it against one length end of my faux fur..

Sew together and then serged side!

Next I serged the faux fur's other side so there would be no fraying!

Next fold the end sides together! Make sure right sides are facing

Top Stitch and Serge closed!!
Just flip inside out!! Repeat with 2nd one!!
All DONE!!!

Next Tutorial!!

I wanted to make a tutu skirt! I had this old dress of hers that didn't quite fit her anymore!!

So I cut off the bodice.. Added some elastic and wahh laahh!!That's it!!

I found this plastic crafting needle at a thrift store! They're really easy to find!!
I use mine for my daughter's hair!!
First I braid her hair then I take ribbon and the needle and thread/loop ribbon in the braids...
Here's what I did today!!

Ballet Bag!!

Find the Tutorial Here:

Here's some pictures of my daughter in class!! I love it!!

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