Thursday, January 19, 2012

PR&P Week 3 Challenge: "Pick a decade" -- 70's it is!

I've been so excited for this weeks challenge of Project Run and Play!
It's pick a decade!! I love Flower Power so I had to do a hippie outfit!!
So I made from scratch my first pair of jeans!! whoo hoo!
 I used a tutorial from me sew crazy! for the pants.. I altered the tutorial a little to give the pants a higher waist and bell bottoms!
then I used the Bali Break Tunic at Sewing in No man's land, for the top!! I was given this vintage fabric from a friend of mine and I've been dying to make something from it!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Love Making a Tutu!!!

Made my cousin's little girl Riley a tutu for her ballet class!!
Love the colors (she picked them)!
and added a headband to match!
Oh and the flower clip on the tutu is removable and interchangable.. just used a hair clip and then clipped it in a knot!!

Aprons for Benefit Auction!

I was so excited and honored when I was asked to make some items for a benefit silent Auction!
The Benefit is a local youth center in town called the "Corner Rock"!
This place is awesome! Its got everything there to give teenagers a positive safe place to hang out and have some fun! The people who own/manage/ and run the place are Brad and Nancy Dehmlow..
They have put their lives into this place and have such a heart for teenagers!
This place has given out to the community way more then it's taken in!
So I am so honored to help this place!
Check out the facebook page here: Corner Rock

So I decided to make a couple aprons to auction:
Here they are!
I got the tutorials from Sewing in No Man's Land and The Dating Divas..

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week 2 of PR&P challenge!! (Boys Wear)

I was so excited to hear that this next weeks challenge was Boys Wear!! I've been wanting to make an outfit for my oldest son Alex for awhile but haven't been too inspired..
Sooo since his birthday is Feb. 5th.. (Superbowl day!) I decided to make him an out fit to celebrate his upcoming 4 years of age and thought it'd make a cute outfit to wear for his invitations!!

So Here is what I did!!
I took an adult size polo shirt! 

Sized it down to his size and made my own #4 applique!!

Then in the last picture I took my dad's pair of old suspenders and shortened them to his size!
And I took a pair of my dad's old pants and sized them down to Alex's Size..  using a tutorial from"This Mama Makes Stuff" here!

Here is the final!

Tutorial- DIY Iron Appliques!!

Super Super easy!! I actually just took the instructions right off the back of "Ultra bond Heatbond"!
First you Draw/Print your design on a piece of paper..
Then trace it onto the paper side of Heatbond.. (trace it backwards!!!)

Next pick out your fabric and place it on the WRONG side..

Next Iron it down

Then Cut it out!!

Then peel of white paper.. place it on clothing or whatever
and Iron!

All Done!! (You could then sew a border to make it more secure if you like!)