Friday, September 2, 2011


I love this dress!! If you're like me right now (huge and pregnant) I'm sure it's hard to feel beautiful and fashionable at the moment, and it's so hard to find clothes that fit well! Well that's why I decided to take matters into my own hands and make something that fit and made me feel cute!!
 And guess what it only took me 30 minutes to make!!
It's super super easy and super cheap!!

1 fitted shirt (long sleeve, short sleeve, no sleeve,whatever works)
1 old skirt or dress (mine was an old summer dress)
measuring tape
and coordinating fabric strips to make waistband

Here's the shirt and dress I used for this dress

First try on the shirt and figure out where you want the waistband to be..
Then cut off bottom

Then with the dress: I just cut off the bodice and waist line:

Next cut out your strips;
I cut 2 strips measuring the width of the shirt + 1" for the length
and then 3" for width

I then with right sides together sewed the width ends together to form a loop..(I serged my ends also)

Next take the skirt section of your dress and run a basting stitch all the way around the waist..

then spread out the stitch to fit the waistband and pin with right sides together

Sew in place and then serge off raw edges

Next take your shirt and flip the skirt inside out and tuck shirt inside.. make sure right sides are facing!!

Sew the other side of the waistband to the shirt and then serge off edges

You're actually done!!
 Like I said super easy and fast!!
I added a cute flower to the waistband and sash ties as accessories!
Be creative!
Hope you enjoyed this one!!

Also made this cute headband!!


  1. Looks pretty Honey
    I made my youngest a dress yesterday too. Took a $1.00 T shirt and added fabric from a garage sale that I had gathered and sewn a seam into. She loves that kind of dress! I made her a couple like this with bandanas too.

  2. popping over from Craft Gossip, love your idea, and you look beautiful in your new dress! It looks simple enough for me to try :). I can't do the serging part but I do have pinking shears and that usually finishes up the seams just fine. Thanks for the post!

  3. Oh yikes I am SO big and pregnant right now! Ha! I will have to make something like this to wear for my last 7 weeks of pregnancy:) Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Thanks!! I know it's sooo easy too!!