Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fabric Pumpkins Tutorial!

I LOVE Fall! It's my favorite time of year.. I love the colors and the cooler weather and the excitement of holidays coming up!! I have such good childhood memories of Fall! It's so fun and exciting, now that I have my own children and I get to share these memories and special moments with them! As you know, budget is key! There are so many thing to make Fall/Holiday's special with out breaking your bank account!! A few years ago my husband and I were renting a house and the sewer pipe broke in the basement (eww I know!) Well, probably 2/3rds of my fall decorations were ruined and I had to throw them out! So this year, I was in desperate need of some new decor! So I decided to make my own! :)
Here is my tutorial for fabric pumpkins!!!

Material Needed:
Big scraps of Thick (upholstery) fabric
Rope or Ribbon
Sewing Machine

OK! First Step:

Cut out a long length, Short width piece of Thick Fabric
Fold in half.. you want the pumpkins to be fat so make sure when folded it's a rectangle

Flip inside out so right sides are facing and then sew the one open side end together

Next flip right side out and hand sew (with thick thread) a basting stitch around one of the ends..

Flip back inside out.. and sew that end together so there are no gaps!

Flip right side out and stuff!!

Next hand sew another basting stitch around the top..

Then, just like wrapping a present, take your rope/ribbon and wrap around pumpkin pretty tightly then secure it with a knot on top!

Next take a scrap piece or brown fabric and cut a rectangle.. (doesn't have to be perfect

Fold in half

Then sew up the sides and then flip inside out

Stuff it!! :)

Next, There is no wrong way of doing this, but sew your stem on the pumpkin..
Just make sure it's secure!

Now cut out leaves... and I used a stop fray on my edges so the leaves wouldn't come apart..

Tack/Sew them on..

Next I took this old wreath I had and cut out some of the piece to add onto the pumpkin
(totally optional)

All Done!!

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