Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Older Projects- turning adult clothes into children's clothes

This first dress, I made using a tutorial from this web address:
I turned one of my husbands old buttom dress shirts into a toddler dress for my daughter..
It's super easy! And super Adorable!

This next one is one of my favorite dresses! It's perfect for winter and is super comfortable!
Basically you just take a older long sleeve shirt or onsie cut it off about 1 1/2 inches below the sleeve.. then I took an older Skirt of mine and cut it to desired length and pleated it around the top and then attached to the shirt.. Next either make a ribbon or use a store bought one and attach around the front... For the headband I just took a store bought elastic headband and made a flower out of old fabric and stiched in on.. oh and for the dress I used alot of pleats so it was fuller!

Another easy upscylce! I used a two layer woman's skirt to make this toddler dress.. I basically just measured and cut the sides of the skirt to fit my daughter and then cut and hemed the bottom.. Next I took the hem allowance to make straps and attached them to the top with a button and button hole.. Lastly Pinched fabric together on the bottom to give it  more volume and added lace bows.. This one only took me like 45 minutes..

Super Easy Hat I made from older fleece sweaters...
I used this tutorial

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