Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The 2nd Frame... Even Easier!!!

I love this one  because I love flowers!
This is the 2nd frame I bought for $1.00
I also spray painted it with the high gloss cranberry paint.....

Well the next step is easy if you are like me and have a million dried flowers!
I think I have every flower I have ever recieved shoved in some box some where.. haha!
So I took two bouquets and just used a pair of scissors to cut them to desired lengths..

Next step is just hot glue them onto the frame... one by one.. I used everything(leaves,baby's breath,roses)

Just play with the shapes and curves to get what you like..

Let it dry and that's it!
I then just hung it on the wall and added a wall press that I found in the clearance section from Valentines Day...
I love how it turned out! And I needed something for the guest room... :)