Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Older Projects- experimenting with fabric paint!

Ok! So I started experimenting with fabric paint! And I Love it!! It's so much fun to play with and If you have boys there is alot of fun stuff you can do with their old tshirts!! I use This paint..
You could use Matte paint too.. but for kids clothes slick(shiny) is great!
So the easiest way to use this paint is with stencils.. now what I do is I go online search through tons of stencil Ideas on google images and then I pick the one I want and print it out on Freezer Paper!
Make sure you print the stencil on the paper side.. not the wax side..
I then cut the stencil out using a single razor box cutter..
Then I lay the tshirt flat and Iron the stencil onto the shirt.. I then take a piece of old ply wood and stretch the shirt on it so that the shirt won't move at all while painting.

Then I paint away.. make sure you let the first coat dry completely before adding the second coat!
Then when it's completely dry! Peel off the freezer paper and you're done!
The more you wash the shirt the softer the stencil will feel on the shirt..
Here's a few other projects I've worked on..

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