Saturday, December 31, 2011

Week 1..Project Run and Play!! "Junebug to Winterbug" Dress!!

Ok!! So I told you in my last post I was gonna start the Project Run and Play!! The Season just started and I want to participate each week!! I'm so excited!! :)
Here is the website if you're interested!

So this weeks task is a Pattern Remix!!
They gave everyone this pattern.. and wanted it mixed up!!

So I picked out my fabric..

and started cutting and sewing..
I got a little to excited and got a booboo!!

I remixed it by using zippers instead of buttons..
I added a collar and sleeves..
Then I pleated the skirt instead of gathering it!!

And Here's what I came up with!!
I love it!!
(warning) lots of pictures.. I told you I was excited!! :)

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