Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chic Pleated Dress

I had so much fun working with this one!!
I love pleats.. so I wanted to make my daughter a pleated dress..
I've also been dying to use that fabric my mom found me at goodwill for $5 for the entire bolt!!!
I thought this dress would take forever.. but I was able to do it in about 4 hours.. with interruptions!

Here's what you'll need:
about 3 yards of fabric
sewing machine
claw clasps

(Sorry ahead of time.. I didn't take pictures of every step but I'll explain as best as I can)

First: get your bodice pattern.. this is my favorite tank bodice pattern! It's so easy and the fit is good!
(if you can't read the picture.. it's called the party dress and you can find it here

Cut out your bodice pieces.. two on fold with front
and four with back..

These should be your pieces (mine are on top of each other)
Next sew your front bodice pieces together with right sides facing..
don't sew the bottom hem leave it open cause you'll have to turn it inside out
This makes the edges clean and you'll have the pattern then facing out and touching the skin..
Do the exact same with each side of the back pieces..
After you flip inside out then iron flat to make piecing together easier.

Next sew tank straps together with serger

Then do your sides

 This is what you should have to far!!
Next cut out your skirt end.. I did my bottom hem on a fold (so then you don't have to hem)
cut it about 4 times the size of the waist..
then measure the length you want it...

Then start pleating

just keep adjusting the pleats until it matches up with the waist of the bodice

then with right sides together
Sew bodice and skirt together

then sew up back until it will fit over the head of the child..  and then hand sew a latch to the back..

Wah lah all done!
You could add a sash too if you like!

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