Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Western Dress!

This tutorial is all about how to repurpose an old farm button shirt into a cute girly western dress!
Super easy and Super Simple!!!

What You'll Need:
A Men's Button Down Plaid Shirt (I used a size medium)
Matching thread
Sewing Machine

First Cut off the Sleeves

Then I used one of my daughters dresses that fits her now for a size and pattern

I then cut the top off.. (I made mine a little shorter then the dress used for pattern)

Then cut off the side but remember to leave an extra 1/4-1/2 inch for seam!

Next, using the sleeves, cut a strip that will be used for the halter strap:
I cut a long strip and then measured it around my daughter's neck and shoulders to get the right size...

Next on the sewing part!
First Sew the top hem down, so there is no raw edge!
Remember not to sew the button hem together though! lol!
Also I placed my button hem in the back of the dress, but it could go in front if you wanted it to!

After you sew both the front and back, putting right sides together sew up each side of the dress..

Next, grab your strip you cut earlier for the halter..
Sew both sides together (not ends) and then flip inside out!

Sew the first end to the front side starting from the middle

Then hand sew snaps to the other end, and back of snaps to the other front side of the dress..

Then Lastly, ACCESSORIZE! (My favorite part!) I added a blossom to the front, using extra fabric and a button..

Here is the end result!

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