Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lovin's from Grandma.. :) Cute Shirt Tute!

I really like this girls blog, she's got alot of cute tutorials and makes them super easy..
Well anyways.. I titled this Lovin's from Grandma cause one of my mother-in-laws, "Karen Tervort" sent me this fabric and a boys print awhile ago as a gift so I could make something for the grandkids!
Well I finally gotta round to it and I absolutely love it! I think this is one of my favorite creations to date! :) So I hope you all enjoy and I hope you like it to "Grandma!" :)
I just have tons of pictures of the finished product cause I did everything the same as the tutorial I have link here.. so if you want instructions just go there!

ps.. I also made the matching headband!

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