Thursday, March 3, 2011

TUTU Dress!!

I found this cute tutorial online( for a tutu dress! So I had to try it! I think it turned out pretty well! And here's my runthrough for anybody who needs it!

First step: Get a piece of elastic and measure cut and sew it to fit your girls chest

Next step: Grab the color tule you want to use and cut it into long strips

Next step: put the elastic band around your thigh or something round..
(excuse my white legs) haha! :)

Next Step: Tie on strip of tule..

Just keep going to get desired fullness.. the tighter you put your strips together the big it will be

Next I just took a stip of knit and tied it on the band to make my halter piece

Then I attached a flower

And you're all done!!! ( depending on what color tule "I used lighter" you might want to make sure you're girl is either wearing cute ruffle panties or shorts..)

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