Monday, March 7, 2011

Repurpose old T-shirts!

OLD TSHIRTS! I have a boat load of them! I guess it doesn't help when you have a husband who hasn't outgrown his clothes size junior high.. lol! So I have been wondering what to do with them for a while! So I decided to make some sweatpants for my son and a dress for my daughter..

Here's the sweatpants tutorial..........

first you pick out your tshirt (I chose one with a neat design on it)

Then take a pair of your sons jeans to use as a pattern to cut out the pieces.

Make sure to cut through both layers, then flip jeans to cut two more layers out

So you should have 4 actual pieces

Next with right sides together sew up the straight edge of each leg...

then lay on piece out flat with right side up

then place the next piece right side down on top then sew along theses lines

cut off extra trim then reposition pants so that the line you just sewed lay on top of each other with right sides together

Next Sew up the inside leg flip inside out and this is what it should look like so far

Next measure and cut elastic to fit waist

(no pic for this step sorry) fold down top of pants on the inside to make a casing for the elastic to fit into then sew it down leaving a space to send elastic through (use safety pin to make it easier)

Once through sew elastic together

then sew the casing close

and wahhh lahh
all done!
I also did this with a pair of old sweat pants too (pillsbury dough boy pants)! So anything could work for this tutorial!!

Tshirt dress tutorial!

Pick out tshirt

Then I used a dress of my daughters for an outline for a pattern to cut

Next I cut strips out of a knit fabric to make my ruffles

I used a basting stich for ruffles
Then sew them onto collar and then sew them together

Then I sewed up the side of the dress (make sure you don't sew up arm holes)

Then I cut two more longer strip of knit for the bottom and I also ruffled them and then stiched them on

And thats it!!

Then lastly I stenciled an old shirt of my sons! I just found the image on google..
You can see how under my stencil tutorail here!

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