Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mom to the rescue!

Ok..I love being a house mom! But staying organzied is a problem for me! haha! So, my mom being my mom.. lol! Sweetly suggested that she would love to come over and help me reorganize my house! I of course had to take her up on this offer and I'm so glad I did! My house looked so nice! Have you ever loved a recipe someone else made and it was so delicious so you went home with  that exact reciped, spent hours making and cooking it , and then you eat it and then it doesn't seem to taste as good? That's how it is for my house cleaning! lol! I could clean and organize all day but I don't think I'd ever feel it was clean enough but my mom comes in for the day and helps me and it's like wow...my floor is really that color?!!! haha! She also has an amazing eye for decorating so we redecorated also! I'm just so happy that I get to go to bed tonight with a clean house.. Now as for tomorrow?? I won't have much to do! So maybe I could sew! We'll see!!!

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