Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kids Shows with Stupid Parents???

Hey guys and gals! So I thought today I'd put out a post on kids cartoons.. I usually after lunch time let my kids watch about 1 hour of tv..mostly because my son Zane (the baby) usually take his long nap around the same time so it keeps the other 2 entertained and quiet. Well as I was flipping the the channels, I came onto "The Rugrats Movie"

 and I was so excited cause it's a movie I had watched when I was younger! So we started watching it and I actually was kind of upset at whole idea of Rugrats! I'm not one to say "tv and the media are shaping a generation" but after watching the movie it got me questioning things.. I couldn't believe how the cartoon really dumbed down the parents and the adults but yet raised the intelligence of children to the fact that they were mentally and emotionally superior to the adults in their lives! It was almost insulting, then I got back to thinking about other cartoons and tv shows from that generation like: Hey Arnold, Dexter's Laboratory, The Fairly OddParents, Jimmy Neutron, Even Stevens, Lizzie Mcquire and probably more that I can't even think of, but all of them in some way made the parents stupid.. and I'm not saying they aren't' funny and they aren't entertaining, I used to love all of those shows but now that I'm a parent I'm not sure if I want my kids being filled with those kind of ideas.. I mean if you just look at the lack of respect towards those in authority there seems to be in children and even my own generation today, it almost makes sense.. I just think from now on I'm going to be more involved with what my kids are watching.. 
I know there are extremists out that that say: all tv is bad unless it's educational, but I don't believe that either! I think it's ok for kids to have just fun entertaining cartoon.. I just want to make sure that my kids, in every aspect of influence in their life, that they are being taught good morals that respect others and treat others like they would be wanted to be treated themselves!! And believe it or not parents whether you admit or not TV is a HUGE influence on kids! I mean it cracks me up on how you cant keep a kids attention for more than a few seconds but once that tv is on.. they can sit still forever!! lol! Hope this was helpful! Thanks for reading my thoughts today! ;)


  1. Good observations. There's an agenda behind most shows. (I am one of those extremists, but the more attention you pay to what is coming across in the programming, the more likely you will become one, too ~ especially if you care about God and eternity.)

    1. I agree! It is very important to make sure our kids are shielded from things that promote violence and disrespect.. i mean there are other things kids can do than watch tv...lol!

  2. Bonito blog, gracias por compartir, me gusta.