Sunday, June 17, 2012

Belly Band!! and Shout out to Nikki's Portrait Photography!

I'm so excited about this blog post! I was asked to make a belly band for Nikki from Nikki's Portrait Photography for a maternity photo shoot she was going to do. At first I wasn't sure what a belly band was but after she sent me pics, I was so excited to make one!! It is the cutest thing ever and as usual the pictures turned out amazing!! Nikki is so awesome and if you're in the Park Falls area and want to get pictures taken I think she does almost anything and the pictures turn out amazing! If you look back to my Christmas Jammies post you can see some of her pictures she took of my kids! 
And also a huge Thank You to Lisa! The very beautiful soon-to-be mommy modeling the belly band!
Thanks for letting me use your pictures! 

Again check out Nikki's Web Page HERE
And Her Facebook HERE

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  1. Thanks, Tara! You're so awesome. Everything I ask you to make, you figure it out!!