Friday, February 10, 2012

A SuperHero Birthday Party!

I can not believe my Alex turned 4! How come when you're little and going through school, time seems to go by so slowly and it's like it takes you forever to grow up but now that I'm older and have my own kids it's like time is just shooting by!! It's not fair! lol! :) He's changing to much and I'm so proud of him!!
So his birthday was actually February 5th (superbowl day) so we celebrated it Feb. 4th and when I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday he said "SUPERMAN!!" lol!
So I first knew I wanted to make him this cape! He loves it! Actually we had a dr. appt the next monday and he wore it to the appt as well! :)
Also we knew we were gonna have lots of little guests so made some felt mask! (Super easy by the way)

And you can't have a birthday party with out a pin the tail game!!
So we did pin the cape on the superhero!!
Thanks to my mom for drawing it!!

And you can't forget the Superhero cupcakes and cake!

Then throw in all the games and we had a great party!!

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