Sunday, February 26, 2012

Grecian Hair Style Tutorial

So I've had alot of people ask me how I do my Grecian Style Updo so I thought I would show you how in a tutorial on my daughters hair!!
I use this hairstyle alot and
it is so so so easy that you'll be like oh my gosh! That's it?!?! :)
Hope this is helpful!

First comb out the hair

Then I like to curl it all so that it hair has more volume and wave..
I always curl from the bottom up!

(I love little girls with curly hair! :) )

Next take a headband

Place the headband on the head over the hair (not under)

Next starting from one side take the hair and wrap it over and around the headband... tucking the curls into the headband

Go from one side to other and adjust the rolled hair how you like it and what seems good..

Once it's all wrapped and secure in the headband, secure it even more with bobby pins.

and then spray with hairspray and adjust bangs to your liking and wah lah!!

(lol! She fell asleep while I was doing her hair! What a trooper!)

Here are some other times I've used this style!
You can make it really clean looking or messy!

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