Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sewing Room ReOrganizied!! Wheww.....

It's my Birthday week!  And last Saturday, my husband threw me a very surprise birthday party at my parents with a tons of friends and family!! It was a blast! I have such amazing friends and family and they all just completely made my day!! It's an exciting birthday this year cause it's my GOLDEN!! lol! I'll be 25 of the 25th of August!! Well, I could not believe what all my friends and family did! They all went in on a big gift and got me a SERGER!!!! I was so excited!!! I've been wanting one forever!! Well after the party, that next day, a lady in my church told me she had inherited a ton of fabric and buttons and she asked me if I wanted it and of course I said YES!! So needless to say after a very busy fun weekend and with tons of new stuff my sewing room was beginning to look like a storage room..

So after about 5 hours of cleaning and organizing here's the new room!!

my mirror and closet of fabric

All of my fabric (Thank you Bonnie!! :)

Even "Walle" loved the new room!! :)

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