Friday, August 12, 2011

My Zane Project!

Well I found this old window at a garage sale for $5.00...

I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it!
I thought it would be a great piece (artwork) to hang above my soon to be Zane's crib!
I only have less then 3 months to go until Zane will arive so I knew I needed to get going on his room!
So here's what I did!
First I sanded everything down

Then I put a rough layer of white paint on!
I didn't want to go with super clean line cause I wanted it to be a little aged.

Next I took two types of fabric..
a beige color and blue
and I cut them out to squares that would fit in each glass plane

Then I went on my computer and selected a Font I liked to print out my letters
Z J T (Zane Jay Tervort)
Then I used those letters as a guide line for my ribbon..
(pin ribbon in place as you go and then glue)

glue them in place and then either glue or staple the square onto the back of the window..
you can place them in any pattern you like
Then place the blue squares in the remaining glass planes

After that you can either finish or add extras
I then used ribbon and placed a border around the frame..
then I added cute buttons in the corner!
Then add a bracket in the back so it can be hung!

Once I finish my crib that I'm restaining I'll put it all together in the room and take pictures!!
Hopefully with in a week I'll have it done!
:) Fingers crossed!!

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