Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Corset Hair Tutorial!!

Hey guys!! I've had some questions on how I do my daughter's hair corset style.. So I thought I'd make a tutorial to explain it!!
It's super easy and super cute!!

What you'll need?
rubber bands
and crafting needle

Ok so first wet/comb/part and braid your daughters hair into two side french braids..
Don't go all the down

Then take your crafting needle..
you can find it at any craft store for like 1.50

Thread your ribbon through it and then slip the needle under the first loop of your braid on one side

Then thread it through the other side braid at the top

Next (like a shoelace) make sure that each ribbon side is equal length and then zig zag cross it through the braid loops till you get to the end

Next step..
bring the pony tails together with rubber band and do a Topsy turvey flip..

then tie ribbon together in center!!

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  1. SUPER cute!!! I love it! Thanks for the tutorial. :)